Award Winning Animation Courses

The FlipBoom Kids Poject (ages 4 - 12)

The flipboom project is a top of the range class designed to help children communicate and work as a team. The award winning program has won the hearts of children as they learn how to bring their favourite characters to life or design an entire new character from scratch. Below is a list of what will be achieved from the students after completion.

1. Learn to use Wacom Tablets.
2. Flip Boom Interface.
3. Writing a 1 page script.
4. Character Design.
5. Story Board Time.
6. Animation Time.
7. Editing and Voice Over.
8. Putting it together on DVD

ToonBoom Animation Course (ages 12 - 18) + Specialized Course for adults

The ToonBoom Course is a master class of top rated animation. By using the No.1 most flexable and user friendly software that created episodes such as the Nickelodeon Favourites Fairly Odd Parents, Mighty B, CatScratch and more. Teenagers will learn what it is like to work professionally as a team in a real life situation and work together as they develope their own animated TV cartoon. Below is a list of the fantastic achievments they will get after completion:

1. Wacom Tablet In Debt
2. Script writing
3. Character Developement
4. Story Boarding
5. Layout and Design
6. Voice Over
7. Charcter Breakdown
8. Animation Basics
9. Animation
10. Colours
11. Editing and SFX
12. DVD Editing

ClayMation Animation

Have you ever wondered what it is like to make a brilliant animated movie like Wallice and Gromit. In the ClayMation Course we will teach you all the tips and tricks of making your own. From drawing your character out and modelling him with plascticine, this course is the most sought after of them all. Not only will it teach you teamwork, communication skills, animation and design and what it is like to work in a full blown animation studio but you will also have huge amounts of fun as you go through the process. Listed below are all the features:

1. Charcter Sketchups
2. Scripting Process
3. Story Board
4. Character Breakups
5. Character Modelling
6. Prop and Location Design
7. Stage Design
8. Voice Overs
9. Camera Movements
10. Effects
11. Animating with clay
12. Animation Stages 1-3
13. Animation Stages 4 - 6
14. Editing Clips
16. Putting it all together.

The Twisted Adventures of TooT!

This is our new Television Series that is full of bright colourful movement from TooT! the main character and his friends. They travel along the land looking for answers to all their questions and at the end of the day they they get a medalian. TooT! needs all 15 medalians to achieve his main goal and save the day.

Make sure you keep an eye out for the pilot show.

Chocolate Onion Studios is a one of a kind studio and compramises of many different aspects we deliver high end graphics and animations to our customers.

Using only the best technology in the animation industry we edit, animate and develope interactive content.

Our studios will have many techniques of animation available and listed below:

2D worlflow : The digital paperless style or cut-out style
3d workflow : Working with ground breaking systems to render realstic animations.
Claymation workflow : Modelling by hand and creating fun and original scenes.
Interactive workflow :Digitally designing Interactive media for the purpose of learning.
Web design workflow : Building cutting edge websites that will wow your customers.

Our animators and crew are trained and experienced in these technologies. Whilst working with the team our team leader Patrick Quinn has many years experience in all the styles.